Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear, Frankie Cat

When I open the door to your bedroom...
Frankie Cat 2010
And hear your meows each morning...

Courtesy of KJ Callaway Photography

 I thought you were just doing  your usual cat chatter that we have all loved and become accustomed.

  I had no idea you were asking for help!! 

By the time we realized you were in trouble... 
And went into immediate action to fix it...

It was too late. 
I am so sorry, Frankie!!!!!!

And now, after your passing, as I open that very same door...  
I wish, oh how I wish Frankie, I could hear your voice once more.  

I wish it were different.  I wish I had listened instead of just hearing you.  I wish I had paid closer attention, I would have known sooner.  I wish I could turn back time to save you.  I wish you peace now and forever... peace for me however, will not come - I hear in my head, your meows.  Perhaps some day, the day will come that when I hear your meows in my head, I hear you say that you are at peace and that so it should also be for me, but not today!  I am so sorry for being so damn blind, Frankie! I love you!

The most independent kitty I knew, Franklin Thomas "Frankie Cat".
To know and love you is to have been owned by you.
R.I.P.   You will be missed.