Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Lab Bakery

The Three Lab Bakery may not have originate in our home, but sometimes when I look at our pups, I wonder if maybe it should have.  Allow me to introduce you to one-half of our pack, starring the dogs:
Casey Dog, Riley Pup and Bailey Jo, our mix of the Three Lab Bakery!
Three Lab Bakery by Ken Bailey

We have the yellow cake, err, I mean, lab, Casey Dog.  Casey is eleven years old and is a rescue puppy.  My friend, KJ, rescued her as a tiny puppy from the local Humane Society.  She rules the roost around here when the humans are out and about but graciously relinquishes her charge of the house when we are home.  With three dogs and three cats all under one roof, being the leader of our pack is a full time job and Casey is just right for the job.  She is as patient as she is protective of her pack and knows how to lay down the law and keep it laid.   
Good job Casey Dog! 

 While we don't have the 'Black Forest', YET, we do have a white lab, Riley Pup.
(Although I had a black lab when I was a child, named Chivas, who is not pictured unless I can find a old Polaroid and scan it... hmm, I just dated myself, didn't I??  Oops!).

Anyway.  Riley is also a rescue pup.  KJ and I  adopted her from a local shelter called, Recycled Rovers when she was six weeks old and we couldn't be happier.  It was love at first sight.  She is just as sweet and enjoyable as the day we brought her home.  
Riley J.'s first day at her new home. (6 weeks old)
Being almost 9 years younger than Casey, we thought Riley would help boost her spirits and keep her energetic - boy I tell ya, that is the understatement of the year.  Riley LOVES to play with her big sister, even when Big Sis doesn't feel like it.  If Riley wants to play bone with Casey, she will stick that bone right up to Casey's face and "dare" her to play and if that doesn't work, Riley will pull her tail and get her attention that way. Although Riley is skittish around other dogs, most of the time she is fearless when it comes to Casey - I am sure that is because they both know they will not hurt each other - sisterly trust, awwww!

For our chocolate piece of the pie, err... cake, err... I mean pack (oy!) I am proud to introduce to you our latest rescue, Bailey Jo.  Bailey is so new to K.J. and I  that we are still keeping her separated from the other two when we are not home.  Bailey was rescued from the streets.  She was found wandering around the school yard where K.J. teaches.  Bailey looked skinny, tired and dehydrated.  She was infested with fleas and had a touch of mange outbreak about her snout and facial features.  Being an animal lover, K.J. couldn't leave her in the sweltering heat (yes, I know its only the end of February, but its nearing 90° already,  where we live).
Bailey was taken to the vet the next day and the advertisements went out to find her owner. After talking with the vet and determining how long this one year old puppy had been on her own, we decided that if the owners DID bother to claim her - they wouldn't get her back from us without a police order due to the gross negligence on their part. 
 Welcome to the pack! 
 We named her Bailey Jo and started her treatments for all the health issues.  The vet said she has anemia due to the fleas.  The fleas are now gone and she is being treated for the anemia . She also had ear mites - which are being treated.  Finally,  she has demodectic mange (its non-contagious to other animals and humans).  Our vet, K.J and I all believe that Bailey's mange is a result of a lowered immune system due to improper nutrition and being so young.  (Mange is actually common in puppies - something I did not know until recently -  but in most cases the parasite that is common under puppy skin does not activate.  According to some websites I've been reading,  it is unknown as to what actually actives the parasite but once it does awaken, it can lower the immune system of the puppy enough to breed (spread)).  We are currently treating Bailey with well-balanced meals and Goodwinol Ointment which is less toxic than other treatments we've read.  We have had to keep her sequestered from the other two dogs until some of these health issues were under control and we could assess her mannerisms.  She is just the sweetest little thing, really.  She is well behaved with humans and isn't overly aggressive at all, even for a puppy.  She is getting along well with Casey and Riley.  Bailey still seems a tad unsure of where her place is within the pack, but she will figure it out soon enough...  or perhaps one of the other two will show her... only time will tell.

There is a lot more to tell - but I will save that for another entry.  Until then...

 May many paws trample upon you with love!

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